1911 DS Prodigy vs. XD-M Elite OSP: Which Springfield Wins?

We’ll I don’t own a prodigy but I have fondled them at the lgs. They look and feel like nice guns but I have heard of many reliability issues with them. I do own several XDm’s in 9 and 10mm and except for the trigger pull I’d take the XDm every time. Reliability, durability, simplicity all go to the XDm in my opinion. Not to mention they are half the price of the prodigy. XDm magazines are of better quality as well as substantially cheaper. This is probably the one thing I think SA screwed up on the Echelon. They should have designed it to use XDm mags. I think it looks like an excellent pistol but I have too many XDm mags to start over. Plus I think the XDm mags are still better quality.