Ban Hammer

I'm surprised you dealt with that weirdo for so long without banning him from the forum.
Banned him, his Ip address and every way you could. Eventually he came back with different names and IP addresses, same thing he did every other site.

Within a day or so you had a strong feeling who it was but there would be no real proof. And it was not until he really went off he broke rules. He was rather careful at first until he was warned he was getting close to the edge of acceptable. That's when you got his whole diatribe and plans...
This kind of talk is not ok on the forum. It’s one thing to discuss difficult 2A issues, it’s another to outright call for others to commit violent felonies. Especially, when your handle is “Civil War”.

And, yes, if you kill an intruder in your home and dump the body on the side of the road, it’s a big boy felony.
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All hail the mighty new Ban Hammer. Well, more like a beheading axe. But whatever, this is what you get from me at 9 o’clock in the morning. 😅
Regardless, “Civil War” is no longer with us.
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I think I’m going to put this on my AR mags!
Just to avoid any confusion, I meant the ban hammer graphic.
The ban hammer graphic is the new SA Hellion logo. SA should make a line of custom cerakoted AR mags with the logo. A 2 tone black and red with the logo in large print running upright on the mag would look pretty cool. They would need to keep the logo below the magwell so it can be seen when inserted.

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