Coolest gun moment in a movie

Just about anything with Keanu Reeves...
The Untouchables, twice. Not the high-action stuff like John Wick (which I also love, BTW)...but seriously thoughtful, realistic, wheelgun use.

After the shootout at the bridge, where Malone (Sean Connery) 'convinces' the accountant to talk:

And the Union Station scene, full of suspense (with some great music to help build the mood, too) - "you got him?" "yeah...I got him."

"Take him".

I like the use of the KelTec KSG in the movie Peppermint, John Wick is very cool and don't forget about the A-Team! They never run out of ammo or hit anyone! :LOL: And yes, the original Predator movie...."your bleeding....I ain't got time to bleed"