Does anyone else try


I think LE have the latitude to use good judgement on charges or not.

It's the God thing that's bothering you Hans................
Nah; something that doesn’t exist doesn’t bother me a bit.

And if you don’t see the problems in police deciding which laws they will and won’t enforce…we’ll, that speaks volumes.


I have to side with Hans on this one. A cop who doesn't enforce the law or who bends it for certain people isn't going to have a job for long. The fact is the police, the prosecutor and my lawyer were all a part of the same system. And in those days that system was biased against handguns. For example, shotguns and rifles in truck racks were common back then. In fact where I live now, which is considerably more rural than where I grew up, it is still a thing. The High School down here closes for the opening week of deer season and it is extremely common for kids to drive to school in their pickup trucks with guns in racks in the back window.

One time when I was about 19 or so a "Friend" of mine was holed up with my girlfriend ( who eventually became my first wife) doing dope. I found out about it, grabbed my shotgun and took off like a bat out of hell over there. On the way I was pulled over by local cops who asked me where I was going with the shotgun. I didn't lie. I told them I was going to kill my buddy Brian. They took my shotgun and told me to come to the station in the morning when I was sober and pick it up. Which I did. My point being it was very much a handgun thing in this state. No one batted an eye over shotguns or rifles.
To normalize gun ownership? For example, and I know it's not tactically intelligent, I open carry everywhere. I've had no interaction but it's hard to miss a Glock 19 and a spare magazine in an appendix rig.
I also live in a purple state and county.
There was a recent thread on open carry, so I won’t rehash it, but no…I live in a suburb of blue city in a red state and do not open carry.

Check that other thread.

I’d also add that I concealed carry to protect myself and others, not to make a point. IMHO, “making a point” is a very dangerous endeavor.

C. Sumpin

In major felony cases of course the LE is bound to follow the law.
But don't kid me.....LE everywhere all the time use their discretion,
on Citations, domestic disputes, drug violations, as to whether to
make a charge or an arrest. Now body cams have perhaps reduced
some of that leeway but even so, if an officer makes an arrest then
there is a charge to answer for, and if the officer makes no arrest or
writes no citation, even if there has been a violation then there is no
case. So LE does bend/show/do favors depending on the situation,
and rarely is there any sanction or loss of employment for it unless
it is a blatant practice with poor judgement calls by the officer which
supervision can not overlook.
And rare it is that if the officer is a buddy/friend/other officer/relative
that in situations where he can he will cut some slack and perhaps not
bring an arrest/charge when he could have.

It might be nice if all LE were of moral character/high integrity to always
follow the letter of the law without ever showing/giving favoritism, but
that my friend is just not human nature or reality.


Yes! I find myself in the same position as Austin grows increasingly blue, from a more purple status it is in currently in now.

As i've stated a handful of times here I don't love the idea of open carry. I get why many are EDC'ers frown upon it. I do however, find myself open carrying on weekends if im going out and about to firearms-related functions or my LGS, big box retailer, Gun Range etc.

In doing so I will make stops along the way wherever my other errands may lead me that day. I love carrying my 1911 and it's a full size so it's pretty hard to conceal so I just opt to open carry it instead of having a giant grip sticking out the back of my shirt which I think looks more foolish lol.

Anyway, point being is I think it serves a "purpose" for lack of a better word, two-fold. I think it let's locals and born and raised Texans know that not every person moving here from out of state is anti 2A and is just the opposite, willing to embrace the culture and understands it. I think it shows a bit of acceptance. On the other aspect, I am hoping that it will show anti-2A that it's assinine to think everyone who has a gun is a bad person, and that inherently bad things happen from legal gun ownership.

Doing so often shows me who is and is not not from Texas originally, as i'll get looks or stares. But locals and natives often strike up a conversation with me and are far more receptive which is encouraging.

I'm not sure where I went with this, but it's something that i've been conflicting with for awhile now.

Thanks @Wannabewoodsman for bringing it up.
I do not open carry a great deal, but I do on occasion around home and the local area. I also carry a 1911. and wearing a cover garment in Texas in August is a royal pain. I live in a rural area , so open carry is a pretty normal thing around here. When I take a trip to Dallas or Houston I'll cover up regardless of the weather. There are far too many idiots in those locals to open carry. I had a person call the police on me in Houston, when they saw my side arm in a store in Houston when my cover garment brushed aside. The Houston Police were very professional and approached me calmly and simply asked if I had a permit. I did, they thanked me and we went about our business.


I think LE have the latitude to use good judgement on charges or not.

It's the God thing that's bothering you Hans................

"I think LE have the latitude to use good judgement on charges or not." - Very accurate statement from what have seen and experienced too C.S.

Some LE are indifferent and simply go through the motions of the profession while some are not and don't enforce certain things for various reasons. As in doing more harm than good for example? - Like the way radios can outrun the fastest vehicle pursuit where others and more damages may be involved.

Much depends on experience, effects, likely different biases, longevity, good judgement and understanding of different scenarios. The same experience can go differently sometimes for many reasons including mood and temperament of all involved. Simply put, good or poor times previously can effect the present situation. Words and warnings can sometimes have better overall effects than some other actions.