First Look: Alexo Athletica x Springfield Armory Readywear

Nothing wrong with some branded gear of course. Most Co’s have something. But a bit disquieting to me when a great company expands into an altogether different line of biz - if that’s what’s happening.

I’ll know something’s up if Dick’s starts carrying it 🙄😒 !
looks good, now they need a line up for us “non crossfitter“ body types.
Actually, before I looked at what’s there I wasn’t interested at all but I think they did alright. Carrying while in athletic wear has always been a topic that comes up. Carry pocket in the waistband does solve that issue. Not my cup of tea but I’m sure there are people out there it’d work for.
I searched unsuccessfully to see where it's made. That apparently isn't something they are proud of.
Also, the "jogger hoody" with extra room in the front so it doesn't print, looks to be fairly tight fitting. MAYBE you could hide an LCP there. I'm guessing the art department didn't get the message.
While everyone has their own style, I will say that joggers are my normal everyday wear, so I'm happy that someone finally made one for concealed carry. So I did pick up 1 pair, but having not received them yet, I'm already 50/50 on the company:
- Finally a decent looking pair of joggers (for men atleast)

CON's (mostly website)
- Emailed a question Tuesday, still no response
- Never got an order confirmation email or shipping notification email
- Size charts (multiple?) can't tell if its the Men's or Women's, so who knows if I got the right size
- Reference to non-existent "aprroved carry" firearms for the jogger
- Had to dig around to find a product page that DID include the additional information about max weight (1.5lbs loaded)
- Expensive as.... the reality here is I had to chalk it up to being part of my "firearm" stuff vs just buying clothes

So overall, if the quality is good, then I might be back for another pair. With how few pages/items the site has I was a bit surprised at how much stuff was missing or off with the design.