First Look: SAINT Victor Pistol .308

A .308 in a rifle that small is going to require a ton of control.
I’ll be able to handle it....
If you really want to tame the muzzle rise, try "bracing" it against your shoulder. The difference is palpable!😂
Shouldering a brace has been known to be legal for quite a while now. And to keep pretending that anyone is still lacing it up to their forearm is just silly.
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I would really like if SA would quit just throwing new products out to bait people. I ran into a similar problem with I bought my SAVS 556 pistol. I wanted FDE and kept getting the runaround, so I ended up buying a black one. a month or two later, out pops the various color models. I was so pissed and I’m still upset. Mine did not have the SB3A brace, so I bought it separately. What comes out on the pistol? The option for the SB3A brace. I’m so sick of that. I love SA and own 5 firearms from SA. I want the 308, but I want it in FDE. They should not release a new model until ALL of it’s variants can be released as well. How many years should I wait to see if it will come out in different colors? And now the ATF is back on eliminating the legal brace from SB Tactical.