First Look: Springfield Armory Emissary 1911 Review

Thank's for posting it! I think the .45 is always a great caliber to stick with for a 1911. The 1911 was designed in the .45 ACP. There are plenty of quality 1911's out there, and this is another added to the list by Springfield. The aesthetics are right on point with the slide cuts and the grenade style texturing on the grip. Kuddos for another sweet 1911. The only thing I would have liked to of seen in a new 1911 is higher capacity. A double stack 1911 by Springfield would be a definite purchase accompanied with bragging rights.
I don’t know what I think about this. It is cool looking, but I feel like they’ve made a 1911 that looks like one of many polymers to try and grab a different market. Granted $1300 eliminates a large part of that market. I like the Kimber Rapide Black Ice big time, so I’m hardly a traditionalist, but I’m not sure this gets it done for me. Now if Springfield gives me one…
I get the feeling it might give the Dan Wesson Cz75/1911 Mashup big competition if they make it double stack and 9mm.

I know, well know might be strong, met a number of people who shoot competition who love that Wesson. I have heardcthem singing it's praises.
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Not my style of a 1911, flat trigger and squared off trigger guard, I would pass on, but I’m glad Springfield brought out a new 1911 after the Range Officer has been discontinued.
Agreed. The trigger didn’t bother me to much but the square trigger guard didn’t appeal to me. Overall a nice looking gun but I don’t need another 1911 right now especially in a 45 now a 10mm would have me looking twice but I’m still leaning towards an XD in 10 for the double stack.