good day at the range


took the new Kimber Custom II today.

this is from 7 yds, 25 rds, reloaded ammo.



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well, today i took my Ruger GP 100, 2.5" barrel 7 rnds, to the range. last week, i had to adjust the sights. today, if i did not shoot better than last week, i was going to clean, lube then sell the gun.

one of the RSO's that has known me for the past year or so, took to the target himself, to see how good a job i did, adjusting the sights. he actually used a bench rest.....i stood up.

i never had to adjust sights before, and if you have, you know how frustrating it can be.

well, the RSO, got a bull's eye, then 2 other shots, close to that.

the target i am posting, was done at 7 yds, 357 magnum reloads, and 50 rds.

i actually did better than last week.(i did not adjust the sights today)

but, all my guns, the semi-automatics, and revolvers are in "rotation" to get to the range, and out of 22 guns, only 4 are revolvers, so the rotation takes a while until i practice with any of them. and only the Ruger is a short barrel, the others are 6".

i do like this Ruger, GP 100, 2.5" barrel, and i think i want to now get a nice leather holster, for another ccw.

I know a guy in Northern Minnesota that made a custom leather holster for me this summer. He does some great work. You just reminded me to reach out to him and see if he'll have time to take a commission for one of my .44s this fall/winter.


I know a guy in Northern Minnesota that made a custom leather holster for me this summer. He does some great work. You just reminded me to reach out to him and see if he'll have time to take a commission for one of my .44s this fall/winter.
yeah, i had seen a nice custom made leather holster that i like. i gotta get started on ordering it, something like 'Up to" 6 weeks to get it.


I may bitch about the Kimber Micro 9 I had with all the issues, but there 1911’s are great guns, my 2 are flawless.
i'm liking mine so far.

i still have many more rounds to put through it, over time.

i was at the store where i get my reloaded ammo, and the salesman there said that Kimber has had the Schwartz safety for decades. if it wasn't any good, they'd have gotten rid of it a long time ago.

i want to (for the time being) liken the hate on Kimbers, like the hate on Glocks.

for whatever reason, people gotta hate on something.


I like that, Key… β€œOk now I have to go to the range…” comma, and then the rest !
I just might have to as well. Can I borrow that ??
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I would say that but I go to the range every weekend. And usually at least one evening during the week. My wife wants to choke me. Not because I am spending all that time away from home, but because I drop a couple/few bills on ammo every week.


this morning, i took my Emissary, and Ronin.

200 rds, reloaded ammo, 100 rds, each gun.

both targets set at 7 yds, round count on each target.


This is my Ronin 9mm yesterday at 10 yards using a Gunsite target and Federal 124 grain FMJ Two magazines of 8 rounds.