Handgun Compensators- Do they really affect Flip and Recoil?

If I don't have a comp on a barrel, I port it. Both work well and I do handload for each on a performance level. Cartridge and barrel matching as for each use. Comps for 9mm, 357sig (the 2 are different comp and port sized), 40s&w, 10mm (same process as the 2 9 mils) and 45acp. None of those are 1911's. Factory ammo with comps can render function in some semi's. Either you need to use a lower weight spring or hop up the pressure. Using a steel/stainless steel comp compared to a titanium as different affects. In 1 of my 357sig handloads I was way over pressure, but didn't know until I removed the comp. I'm just glad the slide stayed on the frame as fast as it was going. I did a notation on the box for safety measures. Firearms used were all Glock's (17, 31, 22, 20, 40, 21 and 41). I do have a P226 in 357sig, but I will not try those OP loads in it.