Hellcat on a Leash

Really enjoyed working on this one. Curious to all of the Armory Life forum friends out there - what's your position on manual safeties specifically when it comes to your EDC of choice?


I prefer for manufacturers to split the difference and offer models with external safeties as an option. Those who want safeties can purchase models with safeties, and those who don't want them can purchase models without. Carrying a weapon is an individual right that should be exercised however the individual chooses. The only thing that I can't stand is when someone decides to loudly declare that anyone who chooses to carry a weapon in a different manner is a moron or does not deserve to carry a firearm.

I carry my EDC in the manner that I feel is best for me and my family. I really don't care if you carry with a safety, without a safety, open, concealed, with an empty chamber, with an optic, or any other way that people like to argue about. As long as you are proficient with your weapon and are not putting innocent people at risk, rock on.


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I would prefer the manual safety. I have shot a 1911 for many years and my 2nd carry gun is the 911 in .380, so I'm used to thumbing off a safety. I don't prefer it enough to get rid of my OSP Hellcat to go out and buy another with the manual safety, but if both were available when I bought mine, I would have bought the one with the safety. But that's just me. I agree with wmg1299, to each his own. It's largely a matter of preference.


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I think if a pistol has a safety , it should be set up like the 1911 and not like the older S&W pistols where you had to push the safety up.

I do not currently own a pistol that has a safety other than a trigger bladed safety. I have carried a Keltec PF9 many years and still put it in the rotation . It has no manual safety of any kind. Not even a bladed trigger safety and I have never felt I was in danger .

Keep bugger hook off of trigger till ready to fire.