Here's a Great Deal - No Comments

Pretty nice deal on Lake City M855. These guys are typically pretty high on most things. A friend of mine served in the USMC with one of the owners.

Today is 3/08 day at Brownell's.

Also this week at Brownell's-
Get $20 off orders w/ $250+ in Ammo | Use Code: AMMO20 | Restrictions apply, Offer ends 3/12/2023.
Norma Shooting has 9mm 124gr FMJ back in stock in a new "white" box for $12.50 / 50

38 Special 158gr FMJ $90.00 / 250 ($18.00/50)
Wilson Combat has magazines and magazine parts on sale, 20% off. Can't find an end date to the sale anywhere, just says "for a limited time".

The Wilson Combat 20%-off everything magazine-related is evidently over as of today, but they have a few select parts at 50% off. Link is up two spaces.