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laxammo.com has a free shipping offer for the Labor Day holiday (expires 9/4/23), all orders over $250.

I just picked up 800 rounds of their house brand 230 grain .45ACP for less than 35¢ per round delivered. It's been great training ammo for me.


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Big Labor Day Sale at Wilson Combat, including many firearms. Scroll down to the Shop Now button:

Magazines are 20% off again, this time I think it's all of them.
HOLOSUN EPS Carry $399 -$50 (code SG4770 at checkout) +$40 voucher + free shipping at Sportsman's Guide. You need to be part of their club to get the $40 voucher ($15 for one year, usually "gives" 10% off of their inventory). Of course I got mine 2 days ago to put on a Mossberg 940 and it was $399 - $35 + $40 voucher, so my impatience cost me $15, but the MSRP of this one is $470, and several places including Amazon sell it for $429, so either way is fine.