HEX Optics: A High-Tech Swarm


Glad I ordered mine fast...
Am glad you got yours quickly. That's very cool! :)
Am in no major hurry. I try to never be. Have had Hellcat for awhile and possibly waiting for an OSP that's more fitting for needs and thoughts than what was available before. Hellcat mostly works fine for my needs and is very nice as is. By it's description the HEX Wasp should completely fill that need nicely. Tritium sights and OSP should compliment each other greatly.
Mounted the Dragonfly on Saint Victor Pistol. It sits fairly low and may need a riser. Any clean looking recommendations?


While I'm glad for you folks who managed to purchase the Hex Wasp for your Hellcat and are pleased with it, try doing it now. Both the Springfield and Hex websites are "Out of Stock" on the Wasp, with no advisory on when it may be available again. I spent quite some time searching the Internet for an adapter plate to put the Vortex Venom sight I already have on the Hellcat, finally finding one. A mounting plate is nothing more than a thin piece of steel or aluminum with some threaded holes in it, right? Can anyone tell me what makes it so special that someone can be justified in charging $54.00 for it?