Introducing "The Armory Life Presents: THE 10MM" digital magazine

Got my xdm-elite 10mm yesterday. I cannot wait to shoot it. It came 3 weeks behind my ronin 10mm.. these are the 1st two 10mm guns I have owned.
Got to go to the range yesterday. Shot 3 or 4 magazines thru it. I must say it shoots nice, hell I have 9mm's that have more recoil . At 30 yards i never missed the target, several went thru the same hole. I am by far not a great shooter. The grip is a bit big for my hands, but very manageable. Excite to get back to the range this afternoon! No regrets buying it.


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I picked up my SA XDm Elite compact 3.8" 10mm from my gun dealer at the gun show yesterday.

First impressions: It is much heaver than it looks. That may also help to lessen the felt recoil?
Disassembled easily.
I ordered 16rd mags and sleeves as I will wait to shop so I can remove the flange as my finky finger sits on top of that and is uncomfortable.


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Congrats Lexie, you bought a nice handgun. they are pretty straight shooters too. also welcome to the site.
Now I wait for my 16rd mags and sleeves and remove the flanged plate before I shoot it.
I was leaning towards a Sig X-ten but it still has issues for now, maybe compact later and besides I wanted a compact size. (not a glock)

I read much about the XDm 10mm compact and most to the positive.
At this point I am not sure if I will change to Tritium Sights or go with Holosum green circle dot.
There are a few on here that do have them and like'm. I have the precision model (5.25") that's a good functioning gun. I have the 40s&w that matches it also. Those are the only 2 SA products I own. The m1a is on my to buy list. My other 10mm guns include are m&p 2.0 (4"), g20, g40, 1 carbine and a Mech-Tech upper for Glock's. The M-T cost about $650 complete and it has run 100% perfect. The hotter the round the better it shoots.
Bull pup rifles and conversion kits will never be widely accepted in America, but they can be fun to shoot range toys... having fun shooting is not a bad thing.
I remember this original post when it first hit the forum and around that time I had no interest in a 10mm handgun, after thinking long and hard I decided to pick one up. Originally I was looking for a 4.5 inch barrel but they were unicorns at all my favorite LGS’s I continued to casually browse three different shops and finally found a Elite compact 3.8 although it was optic (red dot) ready it didn’t have the Wasp included which I was happy about as I already decided to go with a Holosun. I only have about 500 rounds through it but find it to be a fantastic shooting gun, I have larger then average hands so I exclusively use the extended mags, I like the gun so much I picked up the Elite 45ACP version of the same gun, they are both sporting a Holosun 507C X2
They both are stamped Compact but to me they are full size guns, they shoot great conceal very well and have run flawlessly.
For years I carried a Mod2 Grip Zone version in 40SW now it’s either my 10mm or 45ACP Elite 3.8 guns and feel very safe doing so.