Long Gun Home Defense

OK, so ear pro..... I've worked in high noise environments all my working career, including the Army. I'm 66 years old and for most of that time "earpro" had not yet been invented. I do keep a couple pairs of those around the neck hard band attached rubbers things hanging on my rifle, if there is time. However, deaf is better than dead.

P.S. I'm already deaf as a stone except for the ringing and the voices...... the dammed voices.
Hearing loss generally shows up decades later. I can hear pretty well in a quiet environment, but noisy ones are iffy. I tell people my tweeters are blown since those ranges are the most affected. I don't own a MSR and our shotguns are in the safe. HD for me is a choice of handguns (I got one for each of ya).
Oh, I love the voices
At least I know it’s someone competent and intelligent 🙂😉