Potent Potables (aka What’s your poison?)

Just returned home after a trip to VT with a case of Alchemy Brewing's Heady Topper which claimed 1st Prize in the International Brewing Festival 2 years ago. It's so hard to get, even there, that their app shows where the trucks are delivering in real time. Still took me 2 stops to get a full case. It must be kept cold so I'm glad I took my cooler! It's in 16 oz. cans and they suggest you drink from the can for full flavor. It's a Double IPA, 8% ABV and absolutely delicious! Also picked up 2 4 packs of their Focal Banger Hazy IPA 7% ABV in 16 oz. cans (their 1st brew) which is a bit lighter, which you also drink from the can, and must be kept cold. Also a great beer! Need to take a second cooler on my next visit.

Edit to add Focal Banger info
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Chilling after a rough, no hogs down day 😡


I went looking for some stuff like that when a good friend turned 50 that stuff is not cheap I think I ended paying like 125 to 150 bucks and a lot of the good brands they were out of you had to order it And what I payed was considered normal expensive hobby
I literally stumbled on it a local store.

I bought two bottles, one for me, one for a buddy.

This is going to be special events only.