Proof the .40 is not dead.

I really like my 40s, and their losing popularity seems to be bringing prices down on guns and accessories. I just bought a couple of factory 13 round mags for my M&P 2.0 compact for only 15 a piece! I'm just glad I stocked up on ammunition before all the silliness.

Absolutely on prices.

I got a real good deal on my P229 .40...$375 (which is what I had in the gun I traded for it).
It's all about the money.

I expect to see a ton of companies making pistols in 5.7 now that Ruger has gotten so much press for their pistol. Gotta make something new that people want to buy.

When we all have a half dozen 9mm in our safes, it takes something really special for us to buy another one. Therefore they market a new caliber that is such a huge upgrade and people buy into the hype.

It may or may not be an upgrade, just the way the world works.