Quick Look: Springfield 911 Alpha .380

I have this gun with the silver slide. I normally don't like two tone guns, but I do like the gun. Accurate and soft shooting. It was around $330 and I did buy two extra mags. It goes cocked and locked for my summer wear of shorts and Hawaiian shirts. Winter time brings out my 9 mm choices and may or may not be a back up.
Interesting. I have the 911 .380, but not the Alpha. I went to the Springfield website to see what it is called and they don’t list the 911 series at all on the site. Is the 911 discontinued? If so, why would Armorylife do an article on a firearm that is discontinued? Definitely strange.


I love my 911 Alpha. Mine took around 200 rounds to break-in, but it wasn't too bad because I bought it before COVID tripled the price of .380 acp ammo. I'll be disappointed if the 911 line is discontinued because I had intended to pick up the black/green model one day.

My ideal situation would be for the .380 acp 911's to be undergoing a slight redesign. I've been carrying a Ruger LCP Max as my pocket gun, but I would trade up in a heartbeat if Springfield could give the 911 the stack-and-a-half treatment. A 10-12 round 911 that is only fractions of an inch wider than the current model would be my ideal pocket gun. The LCP Max is a fine gun, but I prefer the 911's metal frame and 1911-style manual of arms.


Hello all, here is today's article posted on TheArmoryLife.com. It is titled "Quick Look: Springfield 911 Alpha .380" and can be found at https://www.thearmorylife.com/quick-look-springfield-911-alpha-380/.

I purchased the 911 in October of 2019. Its had problems from day one with cycling rounds and jamming. I've tried several brands of ammo including Federal, Fiocchi, American Eagle, and PMC, all with no luck. I then disassembled the gun, cleaned, and lubed the gun....still no luck. I contacted Springfield and they supposedly fixed the issue. I received the gun back in 4-6 weeks with the exact same issues. I'm very upset as I've watched several YouTube videos of others having the same issue. I purchased this gun for a small concealed carry. I wouldn't trust my life with it other than the first initial shot. This gun has sat in the back of my safe since.