QuietKat Apex Pro Review — A Hunting E-Bike

Hmm ... how many guns, scopes and other nice equipment can you get for $5,000?

If you have the spare cash and wanna look cool then go for it. Probably more suited for vast open lands out west...
No thanks, I'll go for a used side by side for about $4k and carry a deer out and maybe be able to drag a black bear as well. That bike would be good for fishing , maybe. But don't count on it.
I would love to have an electric mountain bike so I could get back into the woods that I hunted as a young boy up till I became disabled. The area is Corps of engineers property so no gas motorized vehicles are allowed and this particular bike at 1,000 watts wouldn't be legal either in Illinois. An e-bike at 750 watts is not considered a vehicle. I just can't afford that kind of price .