Range Officer Elite Operator 10mm


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You should see the lines outside the stores in my area. Most places have a 2hr plus wait to purchase.

And with the local state governments in my area closing down businesses I'm hesitant to spend more money until I know my job is secure.
Cabelas in Allen, TX ( dallas area ) near me had an 8 hour wait to purchase a firearm. Folks stood in line for 8 damn hours amid the panic! I dont understand


I would be more in the line of a P220 legion 10mm too go with my 5.25" xdm 10mm! I like the higher capacity of the xdm and my g20 and 40 with my no restrictions state of Texas!
I see your points, but even with no cap restrictions here...I’d still take the 1911. Better trigger, better accuracy...better platform, imho.

Guess if I wanted capacity and power, I’d just load my USP45 with .45 Super, or swap out the springs on my P14.45 and run the same.