Restraining Device

I respect and think I understand what you're saying.

I worked in the mental health field for many years. Restraining a person sometimes works, sometimes it escalates a situation. Just like putting someone in choke hold or arm bar (when not applied properly) can open up a can of worms.

There's a reason why there's procedures in place for monitoring someone placed in restraints(Law Enforcement and Mental Health). In the heat of battle, things get missed especially when you're involved It's easy to lose track of time and to not put on restraints properly and so forth and the restrained person suffering permanent damage or death. It's really a liability I don't want to deal with personally.

I think in self-defense situations it's sometimes easy to over-prepare. I try to keep things simple so my Marine brain doesn't get overloaded...:)
Yes, restraining a person sometimes escalates and can lead to catastrophic consequences for all involved. This case where an inmate's death occured while being restrained by trained deputies, has gripped central VA for the last couple of weeks. This may be a worst case scenairo, but the liability for an untrained person like myself far outweigh any benefits of handcuffing a person on my own.

Ok I have become a believer... straping one of these suckers to my belt this will keep then restrained

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Read your own article—the guy doing the “arresting” may be up for criminal charges.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
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My thoughts alone on this ..... if I have to shoot anyone in self defense , of myself or certain others , I do not see myself ever getting close to that person for any reason. 911 will be dialed and then wait for those who know how to perform any deeds needed as I stay vigilant watching the perp at a distance.

My physical limitations are at the front of my mind concerning these thoughts.

Everyone should do what they think is right for them.