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Super low key, this hidden in plain sight gem. From what I was told this is prototype, no price available maybe July availability.

What do you think? Should Springfield do different reto guns?




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I thought I'd like the more easily adjustable rear sights on the A2. Later I came to the conclusion that what I wanted in a combat rifle's sights were a way to adjust them to a good battle point-blank zero, and then leave them alone. The original AR-15/M16/A1 sights are adequate for this.

I DO like the square front sight post of the A2, and replaced all my old-school round pins with them.

I do NOT like the finger-groove thingie on the pistol grip. I have several A2 pistol grips on builds and I grind those off and sand the area smooth.
I’m old… I remember buying a NEW Colt AR with the triangular forearm😏. It was nothing to writehome about accuracy Wise. Traded it for a Sako Vixen which was a LOTbetter for popping pasture poodles🙄