Saint .308 Strikes again

I dump the boars in a ditch. In summer they all gk in the ditch.
Buzzards gotta eat. in cooler weather If we have a bunch in a trap I pull together my posse with coolers and lots of ice and rock salt for a slurry and we set up to butcher. 6 of us can butcher 8 sows in about 2 hours. But we do a poachers cut and take backstrap, hams, and shoulders without opening the cavity and dump the rest. I have numbers for guys who will come pick up shot hogs. We have killed about 250 of them on my place in the past 10 years.
Looks like "hog heaven" for both ;)
They lost out again last night ..
Saint Victor .308 and NVG’s make for a lot of fun in the dark
… and the hits keep rolling …

Killed this boar 20 yards inside their front gate. Tearing up the front driveway area between the road and house.

He never ran away from the truck.
Shot him after he actually stood in the driveway and stared us down then sauntered off into their field after we got out of the truck to open the gate. Got the Victor from the cab and shot him as he stared us down.
They have no fear
He was a good size boar

Took a .308 to the back shoulder, fumbled, took off and took 2 more.