Show off your 1911

This is just one of a few. Just like others, I have more than a few and enjoy them all.
EMP (2).jpgPro (2).jpg

My EMP's and recently purchased Professional. I have had excellent performance with my EMP's and have been carrying my EMP CCC or my RO Compact 45 more, since my weather currently allows for jeans. Don't have many rounds through the Professional but no complaints yet

Mixture of both .45 & 10mm. Top row all Springfield Armory, 2nd row all Colt and bottom row Kimber & Ruger. Last column of each row are the 10mm, the Colt in 1st column is a 1918 "Black Army" (goes nice with the 1942 P08 Mauser "Black Widow" Luger (not shown), that I own.
XD Man, that Professional is pretty sweet! My first 1911 was a Range Officer 1911 Loaded Lightweight model with two-piece guide rod, night sights and accessory rail. I’ve shot thousands of rounds through this pistol; it’s 100% Reliable and just as accurate as my Dan Wesson.
I’m currently saving for a 9mm EMP for concealed carry, would be interested to hear feedback from any EMP owners.
I own a EMP CCC in 40 cal. Love it. Shoots great right out of the box.
I know who you are, Good to see you here. Looked at the photo and thought someone stole the Brownells catalog photo.
LOL, This was actually done for the Manufacturer of the block and it was used by them, I don't know of Brownells ever used it, this was done years ago and I lose track.