Show off your 1911

My Trophy Match I bought new in 1996.


Top is my Kimber Custon Two Tone LW in 45ACP. Bought this for myself for my 45th birthday. It was my first 45. Figured if I am turning 45, I should have a 45. And if I am getting a 45, I am getting a 1911. I was inspired by the Ronin. I really wanted one. But this was during Covid and it was hard to find anything. Finally came across the Kimber for a fair price so I grabbed it. Great gun, I really like it, and carry it sometimes. Completely factory.

Bottom is my first 1911, it's a GSG 1911-22. I love this thing, goes on every range trip, and I should practical pistol with it.
Grips are G10 my wife got me last Christmas. Has a different recoil spring, full length metal guide rod, and a few other minor upgrade I don't remember. Plan on doing a few more things to it before next Practical Pistol season starts.
That's my Colt with character. Sat in the showcase at one of my locals for a couple of weeks without a look. Well, I took one look at it and fell in love with it. Just the right amount of wear. Definitely no safe queen. Well used and well maintained. Great for the range.
Now if you could just find the 1979 Government Model/Government Model MK IV/Ace with the matching serial number :)