Show off your Every Day Carry!

Don't know how to post picture and I might cross over again before I figure out how but I carry more than one when I am out and about #1 1911 #2 Springer #3 45 long Colt among other choices. My 1911 compact fits in a special made Bang Bang Gunleather named for me but it works nicely with any 1911. Its a OWB and sits tight on my waist so I can where it any time of year. My latest shoulder holster is best for winter when right is acting up or traveling plus a ankle holster which holds my 45lc. I know what some think but wit me hobbled up and wife on oxygen I can't run and I damn sure won't give up the little we have left and it's really thin thanks to the last couple years so am I paranoid I don't think so because we are considered soft targets so if that offends anyone I apologize but I walk in these shoes and we have had a couple people try looking in our windows and a few door shakers. So my new acquaintances don't care about my habits I will be more than happy to move on and have done that more than once so have a safe day.

If it works for you my man, and obviously does, don't worry what anyone else thinks. Not sure what the 45lc on the ankle is, make and model wise, but it sounds like you got yourself covered for bad situations. Not a big fan of ankle holsters but they definitely do thier job.

I think you will find a rather sympathetic group here, there are more than one or two who are either older, or have physical limitations or a spouse with them. And also there are those who either by choice or circumstances live in areas that havr more crime than they may wish.

I am lucky that by design I feel comfortable in my AO that a jframe is quite sufficient.

Hi everyone. I got this XDm Elite 10mm about a month ago and after a 100 round range tryout it has replaced my Security-9 as EDC
For uniform duty carry it's a Glock 23 in .40 S&W and I carry it a good bit off duty. Plenty accurate and very reliable.

But for most of my off duty carry, especially when shorts and T-shirt I carry a Ruger LC9s Pro in 9mm. Easy to carry concealed in a Nixon Pancake and has proven to be 100% reliable.

Ruger LC9S 02 small.JPG