Show off your Every Day Carry!

New member here from Texas. My EDC is a Stainless Wilson Combat Professional in a Milt Sparks VM2 for over 20 years.
Nice looking pistol and welcome to the forum.
So for Cyber Monday a local shop had the Shield Plus with optic cut and Night sights at a price I couldn't pass up....deep discount below any other prices I have seen so I decided to get one....took it to the range this afternoon and couldn't be happier....deadly accurate at 25 feet and very manageable at 50 feet...couldn't have asked for more and it is now my EDC...


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I very seldom carry my Sig 232 anymore as it is my reserve fund so I keep it in a special chamber so it keeps its value. It is a very accurate as I have used it in a special training session where it earned a top award and it is ready at a moments notice, I have had several very very good offers but it stays in my clutches
There is a LOT of truth to this Meme.
Now that I'm retired 90% of the time that I leave home I'm either on my way to the VA or the Gym.


Most of the time this ^ is what I wear. Adidas Terex trail runners, Army PT pants and a hoodie.


The majority of the time this is what I'm carrying.

Cheap water bottle, Ear phone and phone charger ( because it's apparently hard on your hearing aids to wear them to the gym and sweat on them), notebook for my weight lifting notes and the paperwork for my Planet Fitness personal fitness class, padlock for my gym locker, UDAP OC spray, SAK Climber, Wallet, My Glock 43 and a reload.

Most of the time I carry it in a $7 Ozark Trail fanny pack


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Hanks gun belt. I use several hanks belts I had one for every day one for work. Best belts bar none i have ever owned. They are great looking heavy duty belts and come with a 100 year guarantee.

Not that I expect to live that long.