Show off your Every Day Carry!

I love me a sub compact that carries 18+1 without even noticing it.


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Today is nice and warm and heading down to the daughter's for my birthday, so, going light and comfortable. Snub in the hip pocket with a couple moon clips.


It does require a Detroit detour however thru several not so great sections, I sm sure thier reputation proceeds them. Therefore I have the GHB with the Makarov in it along with 5 mags in nestled in a dual pouch holder for double stack magazines. This allows me to arm both my wife and I should things somehow go sideways.

I cannot bring myself to wear a fanny pack. I have one. A "Tacticool" fanny pack that literally only ever gets used on the range when I fill it up with 12 gauge shells. Which I did this past Saturday. That was a couple hundred dollars in shells.
I use a fanny pack duck hunting. Great way to hold a bunch of shells and not fumble with the flaps of my jacket. I have it about 3 o clock

My hunting buds laughed until they saw how much easier it was to hold a box of shells and keep pockets for other small stuff like hand warmers and lights.
Pays dividends when your standing in knee- waist deep water flooded timber
I figure this isn't very popular but it works well for me. Kahr CM45 in an Alien Gear 3.5 iwb holster. My 1911 mags fit and function as my reload carried in my back pocket. It is very loud to me but no harder to control than a full size 1911. 230 grain HST's in both mags.


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These are my current every day carry guns.


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