Soft Point vs. Hollow Point for Hunting

I'm a fan of SP. We are in the process of purchasing acreage in Tx to hunt. I believe my nearest neighbor will be 3 miles down the road. I may try Hornady Tap this year. I'm getting older and the thought of tracking a deer a mile or so no longer is a fun as it used to be.
Always been a fan of soft point bullets for hunting. Just seem to do the job. An old ‘06 with a soft point is pretty tough to beat. Light for deer, heavy weights for the big critters.
I'm a big fan of .270Win for the same reasons. I can load it heavy enough to confidently take Elk regularly, Moose under the right circumstances. On the other hand I can load it light enough to hunt any thin skinned game in the country all with the same rifle and the reloader's advantage.