The M1A, Night Vision & a Hog Hunt


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Hello all, here is today's article posted on TheArmoryLife.com. It is titled The M1A, Night Vision & a Hog Hunt and can be found at https://www.thearmorylife.com/the-m1a-night-vision-a-hog-hunt/.

Congrats !
Hogs, night vision and .308 is a fun time !

my FN FAL weighs in at 14.5lbs with thermal, & 30 rd loaded mag.

my Saint Victor .308 with same set up is 10lbs



Out Standing my most favorite of all time rifles is the Springfield Armory M21 / M25 M1a Super Match White Feather edition .308 / 7.62 nato, But I want one of these SOCOM 16 Rifles in .308 the Sightmark NV is the way to go Wraith & Photon is what I hunt Hog's & Coyotes with and if you have the Caldwell Turret Precision Shooting Rest/vise a two-shot zero is a cinch one to zero one to confirm the zero. What's nice about the sight mark you can quickly disconnect the Picatinny rail mount and put in on any caliber rifle that has a rail even a crossbow and night hunt Hogs & Coyotes I have used several calibers bolt semi-auto's 9mm carbine works great on hogs its low muzzle flash don't wash out the scope so several follow up shots at other targets are easily accomplished. And the price point of a Sightmark Wraith or Photon won't break the bank either.