Three of a Kind: Springfield’s Deep-Cover 9mms

I am surprised that the XDs wasn't the 3rd gun chosen.
I couldn't agree more. I purchased on of the compact XD Mod.2 series (the 45 acp). I bought it because I shot the full-sized .45 acp so well, and I was thinking of making it my carry gun. There compact has run flawlessly, but it is so wide and heavy that it really wasn't much easier to conceal than the full-sized version. The XD-S Mod.2 disappears under a t-shirt and is much lighter. The XD compacts are fine guns, but if I'm picking something to actually carry I'm going with the XD-S.
Pretty sure the Mod 2 fits in there somewhere. I love it as my EDC. Light, easy to conceal, and accurate as hell.
I don't claim to be all knowing of things 'Springfield Armory', but this select group of shooters would seem to be pretty much able to satisfy about anyone. (y)(y)
I prefer the cds over the hellcat.

I had the 3" xd subcompact. Loved it and it is a great shooter but as far as edc, I might as well carry the 4" xd40 I have.

Compared to the xds mod2, the defender 3" is a brick. I now carry the xds with 7+1 and the 9rd backup.
I am surprised that the XDs wasn't the 3rd gun chosen.
Especially now that it has a red dot available for it. Plus it holds 1 more round than the 911 with the small magazine and total of 9+1 with the extended magazine. That should make it a 4 of a kind group.
Right up my alley - since I carry the XD Mod.2 subcompact. Yeah, it's a bit bulky, but I've made some adjustments that help me conceal IWB without too many issues. And, for the most part, anyone who does notice some minor printing isn't someone who would be worried about it. 13+1 with the flush mount mag... it's a comfort that's not uncomfortable to carry.