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I'm grateful to be a part of this awesome site. Too many times I have been bashed for my right to carry being a female. I have been around and shot firearms since the age of 8 so I'm not inexperienced. Thank you admins.
We have a couple ladies here. @Caro for example. One difference here is that usually male members in most forums immediately start hitting on woman posters and generally acting like pigs. That hasn’t happened here to my knowledge.
Howdy folks! Just signed onto the forum today. Thanks for allowing me. Hailing from SE MO here. Look forward to getting to know you all moving forward. XDMAN: good looking pup! Ours is a 7 mo old Pitty. Her name is Grace.


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Thanks for the warm welcomes! I forgot to mention that I learned of this place because a copy of the print magazine was bundled with my latest issue of Guns & Ammo (subscription). I read it and it looked like there might be some good stuff here.
Do you have an interest for fowl( Ducks, geese, chickens) martians, beverages, hogs, paper weights called Glocks and Springfield firearms, then you found the correct place.

Sense of humor and a way to look cross eyed at what Annihilator posts, and you’ll fit right in
Welcome aboard @Sabo29 🙂. We have some on here that hail from the State of Missouri as well. One in particular you have to watch out for 😆. He knows who he is (although I don’t think he‘s the grouch @jumpinjoe was referring too. What do you think @Bassbob 🤔😆😂).
But seriously, welcome to the forum, there are a bunch of great people on here.
Something tells me this cat already has my scent....:unsure: