Why This Forum?

I have no idea who this BET7 guy is and I don't know why he is referencing me. Maybe he needs to stop listening to the voices in his head! 不不不
Maybe he does hear voices......
I bought my first Springfield in 2016, since then I bought two more.
I like to gain some knowledge that most have forgotten.
Now that I am here I like the friendship among the members and the banter between a few.
I have followed the other Springfield forums and this is head and shoulders above the others.
Being invited as a founder was a definite plus. I stayed around because a bunch of knowledgeable and fun people are here. I am on 3 other firearms forums and I seem to now spend more time here and browse those other. Now this Bet and 10mm guys I am not too sure about... ;)
I have several Springfield pistols (5) and bought a Saint Victor AR. Got an invite so I join so I can learn more about the AR's just getting into them. And learn new things about guns. I don't do any other kind of social media. I do like it here.
Like most here I own several SA products, got an invite then after a period of time made the decision to stay. I really enjoy the ability to pass viewpoints with civility. The information passed has been very informative and thanks to those that post.
My first carry gun was a SA XD 3inch 9mm. Been a fan ever since. Now I own 3 handguns and want a 4th! Oh, and a Saint!
Gun envy aside, I enjoy this forum because of the tone. Very little dick beating going on here. Respectful interaction, useful information and a sense of community and support.

well done to the moderators, but also the community for being adults!
Thanks, yall!
I would like to echo all the replies. This is my first forum as well. Thanks to all my SA forum friends. It is an honor to take part in this mash up of american greatness. But I must admit one guilty pleasure. I often peak in here to see what annihilator, Bet7, and 10mm are up to. You guys are awesome!
This is the only forum I post on. I also have enjoyed your posts and comments, educational posts . The camaraderie is great. We all talk about everything that is gun oriented and related. I may not see you, know you personally but I do look forward to your thoughts, topics that you all bring to the table.