Why This Forum?


Have a couple Springfield Armory guns so I like to hear from owners with experience. Instead of from someone that read something in a magazine.
Welcome aboard! Lot of good people, info and good times here. Have a great time!
Explore around, there's tons of good relevant info scattered around besides just the forum too.
For example: Hit the "Armory Life.com" in the maroon band above for tons of other info and videos.
On the refreshments around this joint? - They're REALLY slow! :)


Why this forum?
For me, basically all of the above. And, am thinking quite a few others think about the same too?
Keeping track of new members joining from time to time, daily average usually seems to be about 6.
But, word may be getting around more? Just Friday alone for example, we had 12 new members join.
The more, the merrier!

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