Your avatar story?

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I'm new to the forum, and I've been doing some looking around. I have to admit, I really like a lot of the avatars I'm seeing here (@Talyn, nice borg reference!). I'm curious if anyone wants to share the story behind their Avatar choice? Mine is my favorite character from Virtua Fighter 2 on the Sega Saturn, Kage Maru. I spent many hours playing that game in college....

How about you all?
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my speedo was always falling down under the sheer weight of my manhood. Enter, the Mankini. Now the same broad shoulders I use to bear the responsability of family and work can carry the enormous burden that typical bathing attire isn't cut out to handle. Not to mention the convenient integration of a shoulder holster.
I'm a Three Percenter, so I rock this Molon Labe punisher skull. Molon Labe because I dare the tyrants and their jackbooted thugs to try me, and the punisher skull because punishment is what they'll get if they actually try.
ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ explanation.jpgΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ III%.png
Mine should not require explanation but for the civilians amongst us I will. :giggle:
Displays my retired rank of Senior Master Sergeant, United States Air Force
In the background is the aircraft I flew many hours on, EC-135 Airborne
Command Post (ABNCP). Combat missions in Vietnam were on a similar aircraft.
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