Your avatar story?

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I'm a T-600 with the rubber skin. Either that, or just the goofy Roethlisberger fan in the movie Zack & Miri ... ;)
Zack & Miri is seriously like the funniest movie I have ever seen! I caught it on cable one night and watched a few minutes and could not turn it. It's filthy, but really funny. I think the director did the Clerks movie, which is another howler.
Mine should not require explanation but for the civilians amongst us I will. :giggle:
Displays my retired rank of Senior Master Sergeant, United States Air Force
In the background is the aircraft I flew many hours on, EC-135 Airborne
Command Post (ABNCP). Combat missions in Vietnam were on a similar aircraft.
Well...I'm from Georgia (famous for peaches) and I'm a female so here we are. I wish there was more to my story. lol
Mine doesn't require much explanation either. After 24 years it's most of what I know. If you don't believe me just ask my wife, she will be glad to tell you.
I'm new to the forum, and I've been doing some looking around. I have to admit, I really like a lot of the avatars I'm seeing here (@Talyn, nice borg reference!). I'm curious if anyone wants to share the story behind their Avatar choice? Mine is my favorite character from Virtua Fighter 2 on the Sega Saturn, Kage Maru. I spent many hours playing that game in college....

How about you all?

Thanks. I'm the antithesis of mine.
Peace Through Superior Firepower


For those that don't know that is the Gatling gun on the A-10.
My avatar actually comes from my nickname, "Susquash" when I was part of a multi-agency surveillance group. I was 6'4", tipped the scales at 320 on my slim days and wear a size 14 shoe. I did not like to run and If I had to chase someone they tended to get squashed between me and the nearest tree or other object to slow them down. ;) I have shrunk down to 240 pounds since retirement due to some health challenges but still use the nick.
One of my favorite ranges.
My avatar is my fun ride and my namesake.

a 1977 F250 Custom 4x4 highboy.

dad special ordered it in Oct 1976 and was given to me in the 1998 when dad retired Truck is about as old as I am, and its never left my sight from day 1

fully restored and 76,000 original engine miles
Simply punching holes in paper at the range can get to be a bit mundane so my daughter and I decided to make it a bit more interesting by working to cut BIG holes in targets one shot at a time. We take turns competing to be the first to cut out the next big chunk. We found ourselves automatically taking the "aim small, miss small" approach in that we're often trying to hit a spot as small as a 1/4 inch wide. It keeps it fun. The avatar is after 100 rounds of 9mm with my SA XDM. It was a good day.
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