Your favorite handgun cartridge....

I would have to say the.357/38Spcl. I think it is a good intermediate cartridge.
Depending how you load it the 357mag was considered the worlds most powerful round.until the 44mag.Easy to reload.wide choice in bullet weight.I live in N.C.so no moose or big bears.Then I would go 41mag.
Agreed! Great round that feed well and had great performance! It's a shame it's kind of died off....
Died off as a result of cost I'm sure.....
Reloading is a challenge which makes it fun and drops the cost to less than a factory 9mm.
Has a fun feel when fired and for speed they step right along.
Not that I don't like all the other cals I load and shoot, it's just that the 357SIG is cute and
functional. Stopped the Bad Actor at the Texas Church!
Heres what I did last time I went shooting with the desert eagle. The power is crazy from a semiautomatic.
This is a 1/4” steel plate we use at work for mounting sheet doors to.
What is your favorite handgun cartridge? Mine I guess would be the .44mag, you can use the .44 special for self defense, and and go all the way to full power to hunt with. You also can reload this cartridge in between the special and full power to do about anything you want or need to do.
I agree except take it further with my favorite which is the .445 Super Mag. The