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    Best scope for hunting with 308 Ar-10

    I’m happy with my vortex as well, the 1-6 or 1-8 power they offer is a good option, for the money. They run their viper servers on sale, which I have on my 308AR in a 2.5-10 and it’s perfect.
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    How to Field Strip and Reassemble a Glock

    None of the Gen 5’s do, which I like.
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    Would you accept this?

    If you didn’t buy the person behind you would. Take the stock off shine a light in the stock and see if you see any rough edges. At best SA could send you a new stock/buffer tube with you sending in photos. I don’t see anyone getting discounts on anything now. Function, won’t hurt it a bit. Did...
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    Lets see your AR setups...

    I gotcha.
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    Lets see your AR setups...

    What kind of bipod are you running? Are the legs extended past the barrel? Nice rifle.
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    Looking at a new Range Officer 1911 5"

    Get which one you prefer as long as it’s 45 ACP...I’m kidding. I know ammo is an issue now but I am finding it in my local stores, here and there in both calibers. If you prefer a 9mm get the 9, if you prefer the .45 go with the .45. It’s a fantastic pistol either way you go.
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    Ambi Safety on Elite Operator 1911 not working properly out of the box

    Not just with SA but with Remington and Kimber, on the feeding issues with 10mm there seems to be a lot of teething issues. The Chip McCormick mags should help out. The safety I would contact SA.
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    Anyone dyed their polymer gun?

    I would cerakote it, polymer can be cerakoted. This is the first I have heard of dying a frame. I have stippled a frame....
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    Hand gun wear

    I love wear on firearms, Baers especially. It gives them that “character” the wear towards the muzzle and on the grip of a 1911, that is some serious use but looks sooooo good.
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    How to Field Strip and Reassemble a Glock

    Like you the the midsize G19 I shot the best, except for the G30, both of em, until the Gen 5 G17. That shoots really good, better than any of the other gens I have or have fired.
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    Changing barrel on Saint Victor .308 Rifle

    https://criterionbarrels.com/products/large-frame-ar/dpms-pattern-308-hybrid-barrel-rifle-gas-stainless/ http://www.x-caliber.net/ar-10 Those two, for the money would be hard to beat. For more money you can get into Douglas, Kreiger and I have had excellent luck with Rainer Arms UltraMatch Mod...
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    Changing barrel on Saint Victor .308 Rifle

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    Coolest gun moment in a movie

    Yeah, John Wick has some pretty cool scenes. Keanu Reeves can shoot, not just in front of a camera.
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    Best Oil for Rust Prevention?

    Take your pick, so many good options out there. Like the post above me, Birchwood makes a “silicone” rust preventative I have that I have had good luck with. Any of the “top” CLP oils out there will serve you well. When you come in, especially when it’s hot/humid come in and wipe your pistol...
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    Changing barrel on Saint Victor .308 Rifle

    Absolutely. Guys swap barrels on AR’s all the time. What are looking for, length wise? Is there something wrong with the factory barrel? Is it not accurate?