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    Buffalo Bill pictures

    That is just too cool. Thanks for sharing.
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    Steel vs. Polymer Guide Rods

    I’m sure you will read or hear different answers. For just changing on concerns of reliability the polymer guide rod is just fine. The argument, not from you just what everyone brings up when they talk of plastic (polymer) is that it cost effective, and sure a company wants to do more with less...
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    BREAKING: ATF Writes Open Letter to all FFLs with FRT Warning

    I’m excited when companies come out with products such as the rare breed trigger and the brace. Claiming it turns your firearm into a machine gun os asinine. The problem with the BATF is they don’t have a black and white, it either is or isn’t. This trigger, which I don’t own but have seen in...
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    Building vs Buying Your AR

    Me either….
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    Choosing the Right Barrel Length

    I look for barrel length for the application of the rifle. If I have a dedicated range rifle, I’m not going with an 18” bbl. If I am clearing a house or want a compact rifle I will look at a 10.5” bbl, depending on the caliber. You do lose velocity with a shorter barrel, as we know and some...
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    Does your edc have a wml?

    If you go back to post #9 you’ll see the pictures I posted. I was at least 25 yards away. I have a picture of the laser and then one of the light. What it comes down to is muscle memory. If you run a light/laser you’ll have to train yourself to engage it on the way up. If you have run one it’s...
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    Hunting with copper rounds

    That’s a good article on metals but as in brass ammo, there is none, that I’m aware of. Brass casings, yes. Nickel plated casing, yes. Regarding copper ammo, I like it and have had good success with it. Barnes and Underwood to name a couple.
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    Ammo Selection:

    What loads?
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    1911 RO Target front sight

    I called and went with Dawson Precision for sights on my RO. I have been well pleased with their sights and use them often.
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    About the Springfield Emissary Grenade Grip Texture

    VZ makes wonderful grips. The ones on the Emissary are the Frag grips.
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    Does your edc have a wml?

    I see what your saying here but, for me, this is why I keep my finger off the trigger. Any gun scenario you see, read or hear about and not talking someone who barricaded themselves inside but someone robbing you or breaking into your house/car takes seconds. For one to transition from a...
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    1911 Milspec Drop In Parts

    You could look up an enhanced G.I grip safety but this guy put a Fusion grip safety on his pistol.
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    1911 Milspec Drop In Parts

    Yes, Nighthawk Custom and Wilson Combat would be where I started to look for parts, with the offerings they have now compared to what it used to be you may be in better shape to “drop in” your parts, but as stated above most are not drop in.
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    Does anyone....

    You get on a true nothing but bench rest shooting forum, you’ll find several guys do this. Not as invasive as it sounds but these guys like the results they get. I personally would have to have a reason, almost shoot for a living maybe even have some accuracy issues with my rifle as I do enjoy...
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    Hornady SST

    I know factory SST are predominantly fast, in comparison to other offerings in the weight. I, however have not loaded these specifically and understand that rolling your own allows one to tailor the load with powder seating depth and even brass. Also, you may get better results with an optic...