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    Bowling Pin Shooting’s High-Powered Renaissance

    Have shot the main event with a 6" S&W 625. Too much fun. Shooting pins with a 460 or a 500 should really separate the men from the boys. ;)
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    M1A/M14 SOCOM 51mm and the 39mm in a M1A SOCOM

    Ya know Hans, the real question is "WHY?" Why would you want to do something like that? Is it a 38 Spl/357 Mag kind of thing? Each of those cartridges has its specific platform. You can't make an AK-47 out of a M1A!!!
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    The Most Reliable Way to Load Ammo

    Absolutely spot on. Ignorance and not paying attention can result in a very dangerous situation.
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    Chronographs: Types, Uses and More

    Hey, pick up the pieces and send it back to Chrony and they will fix it for free. Ask me how I know (more than once). :rolleyes::oops::rolleyes:
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    Sig-Sauer P365 XL Romeo EDC Pistol-Review

    Enjoyed the video. It actually may have put me over the top on making a purchase. Old eyes can use all the help they can get! :oops::geek::rolleyes:
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    M1A Scout Squad vs. M1A SOCOM

    A wonderful platform no matter which barrel length you choose. That being said, although the SOCOM has tremendous muzzle flash as well as muzzle blast, it is easier to carry. IMHO the Scout is about perfect!
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    Building Your 24-Hour Get Home Bag

    Excellent video on a subject that used to be almost silly to contemplate. We may be closer to actually using a 24 Hour Get Home Bag than we think. :unsure:
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    Cartridge of the Week

    A very interesting article. The Krag-Jorgesen rifle itself must share in the demise of the cartridge. Although one of the smoothest bolt actions ever created the soldier/marine had to deal with loose cartridges to reload in a dusty, dirty, muddy battlefield. One has to wonder: since we had to...
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    Belt Artillery: Smith & Wesson 460 XVR

    You are indeed blessed to have traveled and hunted with only "stick and string." However, when you're fly fishing with your wife and/or children and "SHE" comes across the river to say Hi, what will you do with your "stick and string?"
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    Second Amendment Rests on Georgia Senate Runoffs.

    "WE WON'T COMPLY!" We swore an oath to defend our country from all enemies - foreign AND domestic! :mad::mad::mad:
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    Belt Artillery: Smith & Wesson 460 XVR

    Interesting and useful review. One thing to remember though is there are places where one of these "hand-held howitzers" are essential for a nice day in the mountains. It's more than a scary gun to impress your friends and/or scare your wife or girlfriend. What ever you do with it you must be...
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    Are you eligible for a second stimulus check? These are the income limits

    Most insightful comment made yet! (y)(y)(y)
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    What not to do when handloading, Kaa…

    What is most interesting and heartbreaking is the fact that numerous articles on proper and safe reloading are reproduced here and we still have to look at these kind(s) of photos. That male EGO is apparently too strong to pay attention. :confused:
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    M1 Garand: America’s Original Battle Rifle

    One of the great classic rifles still in use today. I have several friends who still take a Garand into the mountains every year to fill their tag(s).
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    Self Defense Revolvers FAQ

    Great FAQ's for the many new pistol shooters out there. A "J" frame Smith has long been a great companion when away from home.