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    XDm For USPSA Use

    I have a powder river drop in trigger kit in my XDM 4.5 an I love it. Real improvement from the factory trigger.
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    .22 for concealed carry, are you kidding me?

    With all these companies coming out with "Easy" versions of their handguns, there must be a market for it.
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    Welcome Message

    Founding members unite!
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    Small safes for home gun staging

    I'm looking to stage a few firearms around my house but need to keep them secure. Has anyone done this? What are the best small mountable safes everyone is using?
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    Hellcat Optics ready holsters

    I carry mine in a crossbreed hybrid at the moment. It's getting more comfortable by day but it is cut for an optic. I have a RMSc on mine.
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    Hellcat compensator

    I've been looking for one. Hopefully aftermarket companies will support the hellcat since it's been a pretty popular gun since release
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    Ammo Deals

    palmetto is my go to to buy ammo if i'm buying it in bulk.
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    1911's in tv and movies - why is the hammer always down?

    That's one of those rare double action 1911