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    Springfield Hellcat Review: Best CCW 9mm Ever

    I had been wondering about that as well. I know the Hellcat is small and would carry really easy, but having that hunk of aluminum pressing up against my side seems like it would be uncomfortable. Glad to hear KL has had a good experience with it! I wonder if something like the SMSc (plastic...
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    Don't laugh — katana question

    Nice! Pricing is really good as well. Thanks for sharing.
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    Quiet Night on The Forum

    Lurking, and now posting :)
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    My AR’s

    Man, nice collection! I have not heard much about the Savage rifles. Are they any good, in your experience?
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    Anybody own any old classic Springfield rifles?

    I found an SAR-8 (the one with the thumbhole stock on it) a few years back for a good price, but did not have the money to get it. Oh well....
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    Your Best Home Defense Gun?

    Great article! I've actually been looking at one of those Vaultek safes. Has anyone tried out one of these for themselves and have any experience with them?
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    1911 Question

    Can you tell us about your AR build? I'm considering trying one myself here soon....
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    Extended cap magazines — Do you?

    I might have to pull the trigger on one of those....
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    Don't laugh — katana question

    Well, I did it. I found a used Ronin Dojo Pro on Ebay for $170 (it's $300 new) and I bought it. See the pics!
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    Miami Shootout, and what it means today — 9mm vs. 40 vs. 10mm?

    Agreed on that about the Mini-14. I suspect my marksmanship would become really questionable if I were taking fire from a rifle.
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    King Diamond, of course!
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    Ayoob’s 10K Round 1911

    Great article! I really enjoy these Ayoob articles. Keep them coming!
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    Goofiest Frankenstein Gun You've Ever Seen?

    For me, it was one of those aluminum receivered montrosity G3 clones I saw at a gun show. Here's an example: https://www.gunsamerica.com/989030646/HK-91-Federal-Arms-with-Kahles-Scope-1-1-to-4.htm Yechh......
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    Gun Mistakes in Movies & TV

    For me, it's when they spin a cylinder on a Smith & Wesson (when it's swung out) and it clicks. Makes me laugh every time!
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    First Look! New Springfield Ronin

    Alright, I'm going to have to get one of these. It looks really nice. I think the forged is what makes Springfields so great. You know their going to last a long time. I wonder if ambi safety is an option?