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    OK…what’s the deal with the SA-35 availability?

    Full disclosure: I've been working for an FFL for over three weeks, now. Long before I worked there, I saw a few videos on YouTube complaining about the function of the SA-35. I saw more videos with no complaints whatsoever. However, the old adage that "the squeaky wheel gets the grease" means...
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    The Threat You Missed — Are You Prepared?

    I hear ya, but for me, having a CCW means I can carry in about 36 other states - not including Constitutional states which are a given - because of reciprocity. That’s a win. Also, in this part of Wyoming, the USPS doesn’t deliver mail. We must rent PO boxes. But when I went through the hassle...
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    The Threat You Missed — Are You Prepared?

    From my experience, it can be learned incrementally. I’ve had people look around for specific things in the environment. An example: I teach CPR/AED/First Aid. When I’m teaching students how to use the AED (Automated External Defibrillator), I also encourage them to look out for the nearest ones...
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    The Threat You Missed — Are You Prepared?

    Well If one can’t learn situational awareness flying a plane, I suspect they won’t be flying much at all. Good on you.
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    The Threat You Missed — Are You Prepared?

    What I’ve concluded is, if someone is going to own a gun and/or carry a gun, they would be foolish not to get the proper training in using the gun and be familiar with the laws surrounding gun ownership/carry where they live. I just don’t think it should be mandatory. That’s especially true with...
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    Handheld or Weapon-Mounted Light: What You Need To Know

    This is a question I’ve had for a long time and I’ve never come up with an answer that I like: Why not just turn on the lights if you have to clear your house for some reason? Those of you more knowledgeable than I am on the topic, please, share with me what I’m missing?
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    The Threat You Missed — Are You Prepared?

    To this day, I have never faced a single and/or unarmed opponent in real life. So I train likewise. This article is a good start to learning how to deal with that, among other things. It’s worth multiple readings, IMO.
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    Hellion in the House: Setting Up a Bullpup for Home Defense

    I'll keep that in mind.
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    Hellion in the House: Setting Up a Bullpup for Home Defense

    The one thing that keeps me from considering the Hellion are the mile-high sights/optics over the bore. So I prefer other options.
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    Review: Rock Island Armory 10mm 1911 FS Pistol

    I have one. Go get that when you can.
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    TAL Interviews: THE GREAT ONE, Rob Leatham

    The Old Man cleans up, nicely. :) I can say, "Old Man" because I'm older than Rob by several years. ;)
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    Springfield Armory 1911 Defend your Legacy Mil-Spec

    Only a bit. You had much more restraint than I would have shown.
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    Saint Victor PDW - Fact or fiction ?

    I can honestly say that I’ve never heard of a Saint Victor PDW, only the Edge. Talk about learning something new every day. 😊
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    Can You Run Your Rifle with One Hand?

    Excellent video, and an innovative way to simulate an injury.
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    Xdm elite compact 3.8 9mm

    I found mine on Gunbroker.com back in October. Perhaps you could find one there?