Am I the only Revolver Guy left?

Went to a local show and ended up talking to several others in attendance...The conversation naturally went to the "what's your EDC" talk....When I said my EDC is a Ruger SP101 revolver you would have thought I just confessed to a heinous crime....Strange looks and most folks asked why as their first question...I started as a police officer in 1977 and everyone carried revolvers except for a few 1911 guys...I could carry anything I wanted as long as I could qualify with it...My first duty gun was a 4" Colt Python (which I have to this day) that I purchased for under $275.00,,,It served me well for over 20 years and is by far still my favorite handgun. Do I have semi auto pistols: yes I do...Do I carry them: on occasion yes I do, depends on what area I am traveling to...some parts of town warrant a higher round count...overall though, the SP101 goes with me most anywhere I travel...

The discussion normally gravitated to "you know there are better options, right?" Well, I suppose there may very well be, but for me anyway, my 5 shot revolver is just fine...I am completely familiar with it, it is extremely accurate, I shoot it very well and I prefer it over any semi auto I have or have ever fired....Maybe I am a dinosaur but give me my revolver over the semi auto's anytime...just curious if anyone else carries a revolver as their EDC? I can't be the only revolver guy left....Thanks for looking, sorry for the long read...
I often carry a S&W M60 3 inch or a Taurus M85 hammerless.
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