Am I the only Revolver Guy left?

Started years ago with a gift from my Dad, a Colt 1903 Pocket Pistol .380 ACP. To small a caliber for a young MAN! LOL Bought a S&W Model 27. Carried in glove box or under seat more than on me. To big for EDC in the south where jeans and a tshirt are usually worn. Love the .357 though and went through Ruger Security-Six, GP 100, SP101 and K-frame S&W's, 1911's in .45 ACP and 10mm. All carried in the truck more than on me. Don't really care for the 9mm, but my EDC is a Diamondback DB9 with a Crossbred Pocket Rocket Holster because I can shoot it good enough to stay in a 6'' group at 7 yards and I DO carry it every day. In my back pocket, NOT in the glove box or under the seat.
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Woods tools...

Went to a local show and ended up talking to several others in attendance...The conversation naturally went to the "what's your EDC" talk....When I said my EDC is a Ruger SP101 revolver you would have thought I just confessed to a heinous crime....Strange looks and most folks asked why as their first question...I started as a police officer in 1977 and everyone carried revolvers except for a few 1911 guys...I could carry anything I wanted as long as I could qualify with it...My first duty gun was a 4" Colt Python (which I have to this day) that I purchased for under $275.00,,,It served me well for over 20 years and is by far still my favorite handgun. Do I have semi auto pistols: yes I do...Do I carry them: on occasion yes I do, depends on what area I am traveling to...some parts of town warrant a higher round count...overall though, the SP101 goes with me most anywhere I travel...

The discussion normally gravitated to "you know there are better options, right?" Well, I suppose there may very well be, but for me anyway, my 5 shot revolver is just fine...I am completely familiar with it, it is extremely accurate, I shoot it very well and I prefer it over any semi auto I have or have ever fired....Maybe I am a dinosaur but give me my revolver over the semi auto's anytime...just curious if anyone else carries a revolver as their EDC? I can't be the only revolver guy left....Thanks for looking, sorry for the long read...
I bought one o the humpback airweight wheel guns from Long Beach Uniform Supply in 11/71 when I graduated from the LAPD Academy. A hell of a long time ago, when we were actually supposed to crush crime by proactive policing! Anyway, still carry her. Well, that’s my story and I am sticking to it.
What I'm listening to this morning:

Some of it is basic info for people just getting into snubbies, but there is still a lot of good info for experienced wheelgun folks, from some people with a lot of revolver experience.
642, or an M&P Bodyguard both in 38 +P. Not every day, but when clothing, or other circumstances warrant, it's nice to have that option. Besides, they're fun to shoot! Out walking the farm I sometimes carry a Ruger Wrangler. Easier than pulling the rifle out of the truck.
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Honorary pictures?
Here you are. Mind you, it is DAO, as was my carry Model 15. L.A. had the idea that that was the way to go and every backup gun you carried had to have the treatment. Have a Colt Detective Spe I’ll the same way. Although it is amazing g just how well you can shoot without using single action. I always shot high Sharpshooter, occasional Expert. When I started SS was an additional $4 a month in 1971 dollars. Expert was $8 and if you short Expert for 6 months you were a Distinguished Expert at $16. Should mention that Marksman was $2 monthly. In the early 70s, that $4 would but a really nice meal…


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