Am I the only Revolver Guy left?

It's a 38 special. It is a S prefix serial number and from my understanding it was only 2 years with that prefix and they were using up some older parts left over like the long action hammer etc. I got it from a friend who said that it had belonged to either the sheriff or city marshal of Pratt, KS during the 50s & 60s but he couldn't remember which.
We hunted pheasant around Pratt City in the early 90's
I only own 2 but I have a King Cobra in my crosshairs. I may have to take a better look at that Kimber too.


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I wish I could quit buying revolvers.

They're expensive compared to "modern" pistols. They have limited capacity. They're heavy. They're hard to shoot and slow to reload (or so goes the conventional wisdom).

....and I just bought another one, in spite of all the logic above. 😂


I carried 14 different handguns for duty over the years. Half of them were revolvers. Youngsters with their hi-cap magazines are amazed that my generation went in harm's way with a revolver and 18 rounds. Probably why I think my 1911 or 220 with two reloads is plenty. Like Cooper said, how many times do you intend to miss? I would not feel undergunned carrying a revolver, although I prefer the feel of my 1911 and P220
I agree, I prefer my Hi Power myself only because of the higher capacity but my 1911 is a close 2nd choice. After that I would choose a striker fired compact like my Taurus G3C.
So I received an email telling me that "Just as I was placing my order, the item sold out."

Translation - "We screwed up and didn't have it in stock, even though our website showed that it was." :rolleyes:

So I pivoted and found a Model 19 Carry Comp Performance Center in stock somewhere else, and didn't hesitate. The trigger on this one is really nice:

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