First Look — Springfield Armory SA-16A2

Been waiting since the Shot Show for this. According to my original post SA was shooting for a July release, so they are early. Here is to hoping that they go down the line and fill out the retro series.

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Been waiting since the Shot Show for this. According to my original post SA was shooting for a July release, so they are early. Here is to hoping that they go down the line and fill out the retro series.

Do you have any inside info on what else may be coming out? M1 carbine, perhaps?
Nice article and nice gun and since I served in the 80's I would get that for my collection IF I didn't already have the COLT version. It's displayed in my man cave next to my Colt M1911, really only took it to the range once.

But I do like the upgrades Springfield made.

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Good deal. Nothing wrong with an iron sighted AR I have one with a dot (Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic) and one I kept plane jane.

My funny A2 story. When I went in the USAF in 1986 my first issue M16 (the USAF never used the A1) was a Vietnam era M16 (no forward assist) pencil barrel and 3 prong flash hider. About around 1988 our commander bought A2 round forends so we sort of looked modeled except when you saw some of our barrels with that 3 prong LOL

Got to Malmstrom in 91 same M16 one of my last work days when I was separating in 1993 was unpacking new FN M16 A2’s to issue. Drive home had 2 weeks of terminal homes the Air Guard Security Forces unit and low and behold the Air Guard had A2’s from FN for like 10 months found it funny since My whole time in active duty I did Nuke Security and here is a priority C fighter wing with newer guns (but we did have MK 19’s at Missile basses so there!) LOL.
My infantry battalion (stationed at 29 Palms, California) was the first USMC unit to receive the A2. It was 1984. When I was handed my new rifle, I distinctly remember the round handguards felt strange in my hand vs. the familiar triangular handguards of the A1 which we had carried for years. The A2 also felt sturdier and heavier. It served me well for years afterward. The M16A2 was an excellent service rifle.
I joined the Army in 1987 and completed basic training at Ft. Benning in 1988. I was assigned a Colt A1 that was well worn with the pencil barrel. As we entered the Infantry AIT phase that same year we were issued a Kevlar helmet and a brand spanking new A2. Honestly over the years I had a few issued and cannot remember if my first was a Colt or FN. I scored expert during qualification and then scored an unheard of 48 out of 50 during advanced rifle marksman training shooting at moving targets. Had the chance to deploy an M-4 towards the enemy in Iraq in 05. Marines are riflemen for sure, but the advanced Army training involving shooting at moving targets all came back to me in combat in Iraq and was effective. A fine rifle combat tested and has stood the test of time in the hands of our service members.
I know PSA is doing a lot better in recent years, but I'd still take a SA over them any day.
The link shows PSA is selling the new SA-16A2 for that price.

That being said I've used PSA premium uppers for years and they're top-notch.

PSA offers a more diverse AR product line at various attractive price points for buyers.

I'd take PSA products over a SA AR any day.

My .02
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BTW - I have enough SA firearms over the years to field a baseball team so just wanted to say that before anyone jumps to some conclusions.

Plus, while PSA makes their own AR lines they have the b*lls to sell a competitors' product.
USMC Camp Hansen Okinawa june 1984, I was issued a M16A2 brand new out of the wooden crate covered in cosmolene and wrapped in waxed paper. Took it to the rifle range down south the Sgt showed us how to mark the dial for our dope at each firing line 200, 300 and 500 with red nail polish. I qualified expert and was rewarded with lunch at Kadena Air base, that Chair Force chow hall was totally awesome, the food was great and we got a choice of what to eat 🤪🥰 I volunteered to go any time the Gunny needed a body so I got to go 6 more times up to june of ‘85 and eat delicious Chair Force food 👍🤪👍 I will definitely adding one of these rifles to my collection. 🤪😜🤪