Lets see your AR setups...


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Picked up one of these recently. Freedom Ordnance FX-9 with 8 inch barrel. It came with a Shockwave brace but I swapped it out for an an SBA3 brace. Also added a Romeo 5, Law folding stock adapter and a KAW Valley XL linear compensator. I love this thing. It is so easy to shoot and very accurate. Bought it as a range toy and it is more than living up to expectations. When I bought my X5 Legion I instantly felt one with it. This FX-9 has been exactly the same.
Did you move into the range bay 😂😂😂
You forgot the sink !!! 😉


Barrel is stamped 12/14, so I got a nice 2014 Colt 6920


My buddy's was torn down and inspected at an "armorer's class" - it was good-to-go. (y) No gauging, but the class wasn't billed as-such, so it was as far as we could get.

It's been 100% through *several* high-round count, multi-day classes, now.

Modified the Colt LE 6920

- older Surefire Tac Light with IR lens cap ( for use with my NV goggles)

Old-school and heavy, but works well! (y)


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Modified the Colt LE 6920

Had some free parts laying around. Decided to put them to use

- 4 prong flash hider
- Sig FDE stock
- older Surefire Tac Light with IR lens cap ( for use with my NV goggles)

—- not quite sure If I like the Sig FDE stock on the color, but it doesnt rattle like the OEM Magpul Carbine stock.
May have to buy a black one

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Ditched the FDE stock. Went back OEM
Didnt like the look
Added classic front Magpul grip

Final.. final. i swear 😆
I basically swapped the SI standard sharkfin on mine for the SI Megafin with a thumbself, though the safety had to be switched out for a single sided.

I tried also the Sparrow Dynamics Grip and found it to be small for my hands or at minimum was hurting me hands as I kept trying to figure out how to grip it right.

On a side not, I also installed a Magpul MOE grip for a few moments and well wow, the difference in comfort and actually being able to control the firearm.

I find the fixed magazine stuff to be too much cumbersome and sticking with featureless till SCOTUS does something or some pro gun liberal becomes the next governor.


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Uhhhhh.... I have no idea. The purpose of the rifle, if it helps, is a PDW
The Holosum 510C or the EOtech 512 are a great option especially for a PDW. The large window and the circle or dot reticle options from both are great for rapid target acquisition.

The Holosun 510c runs around $310 but can be found for under $300 on sale and the EoTech 512 runs for around $410 and can be found for about $50 less on sale.

There are pros and cons to each sight though I prefer the Holosun 510c myself.

If you're willing to spend more on a sight the EoTech XPS2 can't be beat for around $500