Let's see your AR setups...

Top - 556 previously posted. Bottom - had to build a matching 9mm to go with it -

Aero Precision EPC 9mm/40 Upper and lower.
EPC lower parts kit.
Foxtrot Mike 9mm Bolt carrier.
Aimssurplus SSTAT Black & gold trigger.
Guntec anodized gold Handguard (7"); Buffer tube; and charging handle.
Magpul MOE K2+ grip.
Roscoe Bloodline 7.5" 9mm barrel.
Aero Precision Epsilon muzzle break/compensator.
Kynshot Hydraulic buffer 9mm (not heavy).
Springco Red 223/556 extra power buffer spring.
SBA3 pistol brace.
Nightstrike Diamondback angled foregrip.
UTG/Leapers Back up sights.
UTG QD M-lok socket.
(To be added: Holosun 503 gold dot - once the bank account/credit card recovers)

Final (well....I think that now) upgrades/changes to my Saint Edge Pistol. Started as a 556 from the factory (I have 2 - long story). A couple years ago I bought a PSA complete "on sale" - 300 Blk w/8.5" barrel to put on this Edge.

Finally put together a complete upper with the parts I wanted for this firearm.
Aero no forward assist upper. Aero 9" FDE handguard. 9.5" Griffin barrel (to make sure I get all the powder burn off in the barrel). 300BLK labeled dust cover.

I think its a lot sexier and a quality upgrade worthy of the Edge lower.




I did, watched a few videos and tried my hand, like the way it turned out.
Wow that's an amazing job especially considering it's your first time at it.

The rifle looks beautiful!
I must say a camo gun is not my thing.
Each his own

That being said, you did a fantastic job. Kudo’s 👍👍 job well done.
Looks like it went off to a high $$$ gunsmith job.