Let's see your AR setups...

Simple Colt 6920, Aimpoint Pro and GI sling. It works.
I have never seen a curved body 5.56 in a 20 rd with curved front and back. I remember all my bushmaster and colt mags were straight in 20 rd. That's where my question came up.
Thanks all for clarification.
These are what I recall. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.


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There's a theory that the curved mags are more reliable than the straight mags. I'm not sure of any exact testing to prove this. I
I would be interested in seeing any testing myself. Not saying it's fact or not, but I have 2 20 round Colt magazines that I have had since the mid '70s that I got with my old SP-1 and they have worked flawlessly from the day I got them.
But, back to what the thread was intended for. The first is my current 5.56 AR, Anderson lower with CMMG parts kit under a 16" Radical Firearms upper. The glass is a Tacticon 1-4x24mm LPVO, MilDot.
The other is an Anderson lower with CMMG parts sitting under a 12" stainless PSA, 6.5 Grendel, Tacticon Predator V2 reflex sight, Ruger Rapid Deploy backup sights and a Feyachi 1200 lumen weapon light with pressure pad.


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For fun, just wanted to build short a PDW x39 for home defense and truck gun use as well as a suppressor candidate. I didn't want to go 300blk.

Plan of adding a different/smaller red dot though... Next up on the menu is a 308 build. Can't decide on a 12.5 or 16" barre.



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