Show off your 1911

My 1911-A1 Ultra 10mm
American Tactical M1911 GI.45 ACP
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Frankly none of mine are fancy picture worthy. They're all just regular working stiffs, rode hard and put away wet. If I wasn't compelled to spend all my money on ammo right now I would be thinking about getting a fancy one. :)
Mine is new and I haven’t even shot it yet! Hence a halfway decent photo. Cases in Arizona for Covid are just through the roof, 10K-12K daily, so I’m keeping my family safe, I’m just gonna hold off from the range for now. Actually, I guess I have shot it… With my iPhone.

ba DUM bum. I’ll be here all week. Tip your waitresses.
STILL waiting to get a call from the local store telling me they got my Ronin in. I ordered it in NOVEMBER.
I ordered my Range Officer and waited 3 months, never came in. I checked this website everyday as well, nothing: https://gun.deals/search/apachesolr_search/pi9131l

Then one day the website showed that 3 dealers got it in, SA must have shipped out a small batch. One was KY Gun Co so I leaped on it, had it sent to my local dealer. I would say to fix the search on that site to match the model number of the Ronin, SOMEBODY will get one in but it may not be your LGS. Just a thought.

I had (STILL have) email alerts with a boatload of dealers to notify me when it comes in. Still not one email in 5 months. The 3 dealers that showed it in stock I hadn’t heard of, so let that webpage do the heavy lifting for you.
I found a V16 LS NIB back in August. Having alot of work done to it to put it over the top. One piece magwell/ ms housing, blended and scalloped. Reverse crown on the barrel and the spring plug reverse crowned to match. Remove the rear sight and cut the slide for a Trijicon RMRcc mounted directly in the cut (no plate) and all the way to the rear. Remove the front sight, tig the dovetail shut and blend. Tigged all the stupid warnings on the barrel hood over and blended it. only says .45 Auto now. Should have it any day now, trapped in gunsmith time lol
I pieced together a Fusion long slide myself with the same basic parameters before I committed to hacking on the hard to find V16. I will post it up when its in my hand. Below is the Fusion proto type/experiment as it sets now. The greenish tint on the comp is a reflection off the belt grinder. Looks a little beat up cuz it is. When we go shooting its always the 1st picked up and the last put down. With the length and the weight It just shoots so soft and with the RMR anybody can shoot it with impressive results. The 2nd pic is just a few I got layin around to tide everyone over lol Love me some 1911's The Sigs belong to my wife and we each have a case colored 1911.

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Went to the LGS this morning with ALL intentions of bringing home a Hellcat OSP . Sitting by its lonesome was this 45 acp range officer. Remembered looking at this thread and awesome 1911 pics , and could not leave it there. First 1911 , 3rd SA ! Happy New Year it is !!
Just saw this... i did a double take I thought it was mine, lol! I think the only difference is mine having the accessory rail, otherwise it's identical. Love it, great choice. Have you shot your yet? Stupid question? ;)

(edit: the sight is different too, and since I'm a NGO, I don't know enough yet to ID the type of sight you have, lol)
Oh, one thing:
everyone here is an old pro of course and has their cleaning techniques down pat. Wanted to ask if anyone uses these swabs? I stumbled upon them early in this autumn. Moistened with CLP, they seem to make a great ‘quick clean’ during breaks at the range and I’m starting to use them at home after a swipe or two with the nylon bore brush for final clean. Works good, esp since I can’t fire a lot with ammo scarce and costly...
(sorry about the glare in the pic)View attachment 13391
Picked up similar variety pack of different sizes. Tight wound, don't leave fuzz behind, Think patches work better, but these swabs seem to work good w/o being so cumbersome.
10th, any word on your order ??
Nothing yet. The store I ordered from is not open on Monday so I will be calling them tomorrow. I have been checking the link that @PaulieDC posted, there appears to be one in the area, but with the place I go I'm already granted LEO/military pricing, and the place that looks to have it has it listed for over $100 higher than the place I am going so I'm not sure how that would work. They told me back in NOVEMBER that it could be as late as March before it comes in so I suppose it'll be a late Valentines Day gift to me!